Simple Made Special
A whole lot of gluten free goodness, a little bit of decadence
Enhance the Special Moments
Handcrafted for you right here in NZ
Goodness from Start to Finish
Gourmet Granolas made with love
Simply Versatile
Handcrafted with to enhance your homely creations
Wholesome Goodness
Artisan Spread for any time of the day

Welcome to Well & Truly Artisan Pantry

We are operating during ALL COVID alert levels

Order your products online for safe and contactless delivery.

It is business as usual in the Well & Truly Kitchen, with all health and safety precautions in place.

Look after yourselves and stay safe ❤️

We're a humble, kiwi family-owned company located in the beautiful setting of rural Cambridge, New Zealand

Our Company is small, but mighty! We handcraft all we create in our onsite commercially certified kitchen, where all we create is 100% Gluten Free, always!

Whos behind the name Well and Truly?

A family owned business run by Matt and Sue Loder. We have always had a passion for food and creating something special out of wholesome natural ingredients. Enabling our customers to feel good from the inside out, its what gets us out of bed in the morning!

Why the name Well & Truly?

All we produce is with wellness in mind, whole nutritious food how nature intended, simply made special. No cutting corners, no fillers, no artificial stuff.

It's also about who we are. An awareness of what we contribute and the legacy we leave behind.

Its about supporting others through this business to enable well-ness from the products we make to  the everyday people encounters we have. It's about being truthful to ourselves and others.

We are real, authentic, and always a work in progress. It’s about the honesty of what we create and who we as contributors to our planet and the people who cross our path.  It’s our compass, I guess. 

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