Who is Well and Truly?

Well & Truly Artisan Pantry is a humble, kiwi family-owned company located in the beautiful setting of rural Cambridge, New Zealand. Owned and operated by Matt and Sue Loder.   In 2018 we both left our day jobs, took a huge leap of faith and entered into this crazy cool foodie Industry. Back then we were called The Muesli Company.

In 2021 we had a change of name that helped to really encapsulate who we are and the products that we produce. We are Well & Truly Artisan Pantry.

Our Company is small, but mighty! We handcraft all we create in our onsite commercially certified kitchen, All we produce is with well-ness in mind, whole nutritious food how nature intended, simply made special. No cutting corners, no fillers, no artificial stuff. Gourmet,100% certified gluten-free..  always!

 Matt and Sue Loder - Artisan Owners

Why the name Well & Truly?

It's about who we are. An awareness of what we contribute and the legacy we leave behind.

It's about supporting others through this business to enable well-ness. From the products we make to the everyday people encounters we have.

It's about being truthful to ourselves and others. We are real, authentic, and always a work in progress.

It’s about the honesty of what we create, and how we as contributors treat our planet and the people who cross our path. It’s our compass, I guess.