Why the name Well & Truly?

It's about who we are. An awareness of what we contribute and the legacy we leave behind.

It's about supporting others through this business to enable well-ness. From the products we make to the everyday people encounters we have.

It's about being truthful to ourselves and others. We are real, authentic, and always a work in progress.

It’s about the honesty of what we create, and how we as contributors treat our planet and the people who cross our path.

It’s our compass, I guess.


Our Mission

To take responsibility for the impact we have on others. Striving to ensure that everyone we touch with our business can thrive. We believe in building a community that feels supported in their pursuit for a balanced life.

Our Values

Honesty & Ownership

We’re not afraid to be upfront. We are realistic, with a mindset of continuous progress rather than perfection.

Put People First

Our culture and our products will always be centred around the health and happiness of people.

Gluten Free Assurance

We understand the struggles of food allergies and we will not compromise on being a trusted 100% gluten free brand.

Quality In Every Aspect

We hold ourselves to rigorous internal and external standards. We accept nothing less than excellence in whatever we produce.

An Attitude Of Partnership

From suppliers, to staff, to retailers, we choose our partners mindfully. We endeavour to contribute to a community that connects with and supports one another.