Our Awards

Each year the best of the best food producers compete in the prestigious Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards and New Zealand Food Awards, we are super proud to be part of an elite group of incredibly hard working amazing food producers.... 


We are stoked to hear that we are a finalist in the 2021 cuisine artisan awards, the winner is announced on the 14th of October 2021


  • Make at Home Vitality Bars


This year we submitted 7 products into the Outstanding NZ food producers awards and received 6 Silver Medals



  • Macadamia Gold Gourmet Granola
  • Raspberry Road Gourmet Granola
  • Make at Home Vitality Bars
  • Original Choc Dipped Vitality Bar
  • Raspberry Choc Drizzle Vitality Bar
  • Artisan Spread - Macadamia Gold 




  • Macadamia Gold Gourmet Granola (previously called Macadamia Gold gluten free muesli)  Silver Medal winner - Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards
  • Vitality Bar Original (previously called Happy Tum Gluten free bar)  Bronze Medal winner Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards



  •  Raspberry Road  New Zealand Food Awards - Cuisine Artisan awards finalist


We have also been mentioned in a number of media articles like The New Zealand Herald and in 2020 were given a recommendation in the 2020 The insider’s guide to New Zealand.


So you're not alone in thinking that Well & Truly Artisan Pantry products are off the charts amazing!