Giving back with CommUnity


Our culture and our products will always be centered around the health and happiness of people. That is why we choose to be part of CommUnity where each time you shop with us, a small percentage goes to a charity or community group of your choice via CommUnity.


 CommUnity logo

What is CommUnity?

 Their sole purpose is raising funds for kiwi community groups.

 CommUnity unites businesses, community groups, charities and the public so they can support and strengthen one another.


CommUnity makes it easy for New Zealanders to support their community, simply by doing their everyday shopping. It takes a small percentage of every retail purchase and passes it on to member community organisations. It doesn’t cost the shopper anything, and they can choose which community organisations they want to support.


How does it work?

CommUnity is unique and concentrates on money circulation as the overriding and overarching priority.

 When you register with CommUnity as a member for free you can support up to three community groups of your choice by using your credit/debit cards at CommUnity merchants like Well & Truly Artisan Pantry.

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